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My Daily Activity
I always wake up at  four o’clock. I arrange my bed and go to bathroom. I brush my teeth and use a soap to clean my body. After that, I  go to the mosque beside my home to “shalat subuh”.
I study my lessons again for an hour.  I have breakfast with my parents and my sister at six o’clock. At half past six I go to my school by bicycle. I come to my school at half past six.
Answer these question below based the text above! (Jawablah pertanyaan di bawah ini berdasarkan bacaan di atas!)
1. What time does the writer wake up? ………….
2. What does the writer do after wake up? ………
3. Is the writer study again in the morning? …….
4. How does the writer go to his school? ……….
5. What time does the writer come to his school? ….

Choose the right answer by crossing an alphabet in front of the right answer (Pilihlah jawaban yang benar dengan menyilang huruf di depan jawaban!)
61. I always wake up at … in the morning
   a. one o’clock            c. five o’clock
   b. two o’clock           d. eleven o’clock
2. I have breakfast in the …
   a. bathroom               c. dinning room
   b. living room           d. garden
3. I usually watch … at five o’clock p.m.
   a. television               c. tape
   b. radio                      d. car race
4.  I am sleeping in the …
  a. bedroom        c. garage
  b. bathroom                d. kitchen
5. What is he doing?                                                                                                                           He is …. Television
  a. reading                  c. watching
  b. listening                d. studying
6. On Sunday I don’t go to …
  a. school        c. bathroom
  b. home        d. dinning room
7. Do you get up at six o’clock a.m. ?  No. …
    a. I do not          c. I do
    b. you do not     d. You do
8.  “A half past seven” in Indonesia are …
     a. jam setengah tujuh        c. jam setengan sembilan
     b. jam setengah delapan   d. jam setengah sepuluh
9.  I want to get a good mark in English test, so I ..
every day.
     a. study                      c. watching television
     b. play football       d. listen to the radio
10. I always go to my school by …
     a. bicycle        c. train
     b. plane        d. ship
11.  I have … at one o’clock p.m.
     a. dinner                       c. lunch
     b. breakfast                  d. Singing
12. A quarter past ten = …
   a. 10.00                               c. 10.30
   b. 10.15                               d. 10.45

13. ten to seven = …
   a. 06.10                               c. 07.10
   b. 06.50                               d. 07.15

14. I go to school at …..  (setengah tujuh pagi)
      a. a quarter past six              c. seven o’clock
      b. a half past six                   d. ten to seven

15. There are … minutes in a hour.
      a. sixty          c. fifteen
      b. twenty                  d. forty five

16. I am … in my bedroom
      a. sleeping                c. taking a bath
      b. having breakfast  d. playing football

17. I do not go to school on …
      a. Sunday              c. Friday
      b. Monday           d. Tuesday

18. Do you get up at six o’clock a.m. ?  No. …
     a. I do not              c. I do
     b. you do not        d. You do
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